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July (mid) Earli-Gold Tart, green/yellow (June type) Sauce & frying
July (mid) Monarch Tart, red & green Sauce, pies, etc.
July (late) Sansa Similar to Gala Fresh eating
August (mid) Ginger-Gold Semi-tart, pale gold Eating, cooking, etc.
August (mid) Mollies Delicious Sweet, large red Eating & salads
August (mid) Gala Sweet, red/orange Eating, salads, etc.
August (late) McIntosh Semi-tart, green/red All purpose (great for apple butter)
August (late) Jonathan Tart, red All purpose
August (late) Honeycrisp Complex sweet, yellow orange Fresh eating
August (late) Sweet Sixteen Sweet and complex All purpose
September (early) Cortland Semi-tart, red/green All purpose, especially salads
September (early) Jonagold Sweet, gold blush All purpose
September (mid) Ida Red Semi-tart, red All purpose
September (mid) Grimes Golden Sweet, golden All purpose
September (mid) Melrose Semi-tart, rusty red Apple butter & pies
September (mid) Golden Russett Semi-sweet, rusty All purpose
September (mid) Golden Delicious Sweet, yellow All purpose<
September (mid) Red Delicious Sweet, red Eating
September (mid) Liberty Tart, red Eating, pies, apple butter, etc.
September (mid) Empire Sweet-tart, red All purpose
September (late) Stayman Winesap Semi-tart, rusty red All purpose
September (late) Mutsu/ Crispin Sweet, golden green All purpose
September (late) Sun Crisp Semi-Sweet, Yellow All purpose
October (early) Enterprise Tart-sweet, red All purpose
October (early) York Tart, red/golden orange Eating, pies and apple butter
October (mid) Fuji Sweet, red & green Eating, long keeper
October (mid) Gold Rush Tart, rusty yellow & green All purpose
October (late) Granny Smith Tart, green Pies, fresh eating
October (late) Arkansas Black Semi-tart, dark plum red Best for storing & eating after Jan 1


In ripening order?. RED FREE (7/25), BIG RED GALA (8/20), MIRACLE MAC (8/20), BUCKEYE GALA (8/20), OZARK GOLD (8/25), NORTHFIELD BEAUTY (8/25), PIXIE CRUNCH (9/10), HIDDEN ROSE (9/15), STELLAR (9/15), RED SPY (9/15), KY BEAUTY (9/20), HAWKEYE RED (9/25), CAMEO (9/25), STARK WINESAP (9/25), BEN DAVIS (9/25), LADY (9/25), ROXBURY RUSSETT (9/25), HEWES CRAB (9/25), WINTER REDFLESH (9/25), ROME BEAUTY (10/1), SPUR FUJI (10/1), MYRA FUJI (10/5), SUN FUJI (10/5), NAGAFU 6 FUJI (10/5), WOMBLE (10/5), BRAEBURN (10/10), NEWTON PIPPIN (10/15), BRUSHY MOUNTAIN (10/15), PINK LADY (11/1). All dates can change due to seasonal weather patterns.

Of our additional apple varieties, the Lady apple is one of the oldest recorded types. Also known as the Pomme d? Api, the Lady apple is said to date back to the Roman Empire Era. The Lady is a very small, sweet, firm, winter apple that is red on one side and pale yellow and off-white on the other side.

If you do not see your favorites here, e-mail or phone us and we will let you know if we have what you are looking for. Due to mother nature our availability of each variety changes with seasons.


Place apples in a clear plastic bag (without holes). You can use a large zip type bag or use a bag with a tie wrapper, place in your refigerator to keep them crisp. Larger apples have a shorter storage life than small ones, use the large ones first. Apples left at room temperature should be used within a few weeks. Some apples store much longer than others. Ask us which apples store the best and we will be glad to help.

Photo by: Betty Hall copyright


Our varieties of blackberries are all thornless and begin ripening early to mid July. They will be available into late August.


Sweet and full of flavor. These black jewels are a treat to any palette. Picking season mid June to July. The red raspberries have two picking seasons, first one is Mid June to July. Last one is late August thru September.


These great tasting berries are one of our favorite berries. Besides tasting so good, the are good for you!!!! Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants! Researchers at the USDA Human Nutrition Center (HNRCA) have found that blueberries rank #1 in antioxidant activity when compared to 40 other fresh fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants help neutralize harmful by-products of metabolism called "free radicals" that can lead to cancer and other age related diseases. In addition to health they have visual appeal, intense blue color and sweet delectable flavor.

Blueberries are a healthy and convenient food. Delicious, sweet blues are low in fat and a great source of fiber as well as vitamin C. One cup serving of fresh blueberries (about 80 calories) will give you five grams of fiber, that is more than most fruits and vegetables.

After visiting growers and feasting on berries from Massachusetts, Maine and Oregon we decided we had to have our own! Our first full crop arrived in 2002. We have several varieties and plan on planting more each year.

You can pick your own and save! If you need a large quantity pre-picked, please phone ahead and reserve (859) 987-6480. You may want to check out our blackberries when you call or visit, they mix very well to make a fantastic blackberry, blueberry jam (aka black & blue).

Come on down to the valley and enjoy our Kentucky fresh blueberries beginning mid June through mid August. Mark your calendar for Blueberry Jubilee and Pancake Day.

PEARS (European & Asian)


"Pear blossoms"
photo by: Joni Campbell

Dates pears ripen can very a week or more. For correct dates call the orchard and ask what is in season. Our pears begin ripening in early August and end in October. They include Shinsui (late July), Kosui (early August),  Magness & Maxine (mid August), Chojuro (early September),  Meigeitsu & Harrow Sweet (mid September), Korean Giant (late September/ early October).


Because of the weather conditions, mother nature sometimes takes the lovely fruits from us for a season, therefore, the varieties available depend on the lack of late frost.  Almost all peaches are freestone including GLENGLO, SUGAR MAY, FLAT YUMMY, RED HAVEN, LUCKY 13, JOHN BOY, CORAL STAR, JUMBO, TRUE GOLD, FLAMING FURY, REDSKIN, BISCOE, MADISON, FAYETTE, CONTENDER, JIM DANDEE, RISING STAR, RELIANCE, WHITE LADY and BLUSHING STAR (our only two white peaches) and last but not least the HARDI RED NECTARINE.


We usually begin picking these late September or first of October through frost time. They should also be available in our country store through Thanksgiving. Come enjoy picking your own from the patch.


Gift boxes are available by phoning (859) 987-6480 or by sending us and e-mail. We will get back with you. Apples that do not ripen until September are best for shipping. We can have your gift box ready when you arrive or we can ship it for you. Jams, jellies, apple butter, pumpkin butter, honey, dried apples or small crafts can be added to your gift box. Just let us know what variety of apples you want.

If you wish us to ship apples during the Christmas season, for best selections, please place your order no later than mid November. We will ship Christmas holiday apples no later than December 15.



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